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Career Transition Seminar

For folks exploring a career change or career transition. By the end of the program, you'll have a comprehensive plan, a strong sense of purpose, a polished resume, cover letters, and an impressive professional brand to present to potential employers.

Why you should sign up:

Gain Purpose and Clarity:

Discover or rediscover a sense of professional purpose while gaining clarity about your next steps. 

Develop a strategy:

Explore a multitude of job opportunities, sectors, positions, and companies and create a strategy to pinpoint the right fit for your aspirations and skills.

Translate Skills into New Opportunities:

You will learn how to translate your current skills and experience into new career options. 

Develop networking skills:

Learn how to tell your career story in a compelling way and identify people who can help you in your career path. 

Personal Branding:

Finish with a personal brand that tells your story in a way that speaks directly to your future employer.

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Nuts + Bolts

Timeline: 2 month commitment. 4 group sessions, once every 2 weeks. Individual sessions on off weeks.​

Cohort Approach: A maximum of 8 clients per cohort.

1 on 1: In between sessions you’ll have one personal coaching meeting on a topic of choice specific to your career journey

Peer to peer: You’ll work with one to two other people to gain skills, offer insights and feedback.

Homework: Customized work to support your learning and growth— all in support of your next steps.

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