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Hogan Assessment

Targeted coaching to empower leaders with self-awareness and growth opportunities tailored to advancing their teams and organizations.

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Elevate Yourself and your team with Hogan Assessments and Coaching

Understanding your team’s innate talents and potential derailers is key to empowering them to effectively guide your organization. Our Hogan services provide the self-awareness and development strategies to help leaders and teams excel.

The Hogan Advantage

Grounded in decades of personality research, the Hogan assessment accurately measures core leadership qualities that drive performance, including:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory 

  • Hogan Development Survey

  • Motives, values, preferences inventory: What interests, drives and passions

  • Risk appetite

  • Response to stress


Our certified Hogan coaches help leaders interpret results related to their values, motivators, talents and possible blind spots when feeling strained. These insights lead to more conscious leadership choices and more effective teams

By combining the Hogan assessment process with tailored one-on-one coaching sessions, participants gain both an outside-in and inside-out perspective of themselves as leaders.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Leaders who complete the Hogan assessment and coaching demonstrate heightened competency in key areas, including:

  • Self-management in times of stress

  • Relating to and inspiring others

  • Making complex decisions that move teams forward

  • Adapting leadership style to situation


Your newly self-aware teams are better equipped to role model openness, regulate their responses and behaviors, foster inclusive cultures and fully leverage team strengths.

Let our Hogan services ignite the personal growth and leadership capacity that allows your executives, managers and high-potentials to thrive and drive impact.

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